Do You Know What Is A Meme?

Do You Know What Is A Meme?

January 14, 2021 0 By Harold Coffman

In this digital era, memes have become part of the way millennials communicate. It is proven that when you see a funny meme, you will not hesitate to share the meme with your friends. As people who can’t live without the internet and memes pictures, it would be nice if we know the history of memes. What do memes mean? Who did invent the term ‘meme’? Then what was the first meme that appeared on the internet looks like?

In case you still don’t know what a meme is? Well, let’s explore the explanation in this article.

The word meme was first used in the book The Selfish Gene by evolutionist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins defines memes as ideas, behaviors, and styles that spread (from one person to another) within a culture. From Dawkins’ statement, we can conclude that memes have the main characteristic: viral (spread in a culture). But it seems that Dawkins’ definition is too broad to describe memes that are more specific like internet memes pic.

According to a famous website, internet memes can be interpreted as concepts or ideas expressed through content on the web. This can be in the form of photos, videos, GIFs, phrases/sentences, fictional characters, animals, songs, and much more.

Then, are the photos that you have uploaded on the internet is a meme?

It’s not like that. Content can be categorized as an internet meme if you share it on social media. Internet memes should have a humorous effect (like sarcasm and hyperbole) and relate to the life of the wider community or current issues.

Every internet meme has its origins. But generally, a meme appears on the internet without us knowing who created and uploaded it. The meme is like a fart in the dark; I don’t know where it came from but the effect is extraordinary.