You Can Follow These Tips To Make Memes

You Can Follow These Tips To Make Memes

For many people, the internet is a mood booster. Because they can get a lot of entertainment such as music, videos, pictures, article, stories, or even memes. Some people make a meme and spread it online, and it becomes viral. You can see a lot of memes pictures on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms make memes spread and viral easier.

For example, there is a picture of a man jump in the park but there is a person who makes it as he jumps to a cliff, and then it is posted on Twitter. Then by some people, it was changed again and again to make it even funnier. Then the picture of the jumping man can be called a meme.

Here are some tips to make memes:

1. Look for images that are easy to understand or popular

This is important because if the image we choose is not easy to understand, the memes can be failed. And finally, the message didn’t arrive.

2. Look for hot topics and make them easy to understand

Look for interesting news to make memes pictures, then the meme will spread faster and the enthusiasm will be high. If you want to bring up old topics, try to work on the topics that are memorable, so people will still understand. Don’t make things difficult to understand because it will make the meme not interesting As much as possible, make it understandable to many people.

3. Make entertaining memes

Well, this is the main purpose of why we make a meme. Cheer up! Because if it’s not entertaining, why bother to make it? You need to make a meme that can make people who see it laugh or at least smile.

4. Ask permission

It is an unwritten rule. If you want to use a picture of your friend, family, or other people, you need to ask for their permission in the first place. Some of them may angry if you use their picture but some others may not. We also recommend you to make it as funny as possible, so the people that own the picture will not angry and feel satisfied.

5. Don’t use sensitive things

Now, this is the most important point. Do not use a sensitive topic as a joke, because not everybody can take that joke. Remember, the purpose of a meme is to entertain, not to make people angry.